Gugges Medical Pedicure (In English)

  • Welcome to Gugges Medical Pedicure in Stockholm
    Sveavägen 94, SE-113 50 Stockholm
    +46 703-14 33 11
    The feet are important for the whole body, because among other things they affect the hips and the back. They shall carry us forward in life, so take care of your feet and treat them to get to feel good. It is wonderful to give your feet a pleasant treatment which also is very good for the circulation, and massage releases tensions.
    You are welcome whether you want help with your problematic feet, or for an hour of pampering and your own time. During the treatment you are invited to refreshments.
    – Medical pedicure 600 SEK Up to 1 hour
    – Foot care as wellness 750 SEK (600 SEK excl. VAT) up to 1 hour
    – Wart treatment 310 SEK up to 30 minutes
    – Corn treatment 310 SEK up to 30 minutes
    – Ingrown toenails treatment 300 SEK up to 30 minutes
    – Foot and lower leg massage 350 SEK about 30 minutes
    – Nail cutting only 310 SEK up to 30 minutes
    – Nail Correction with Podofix 360 SEK for 0ne and 570 SEK for two about 30-40 minutes
    – Gift certificates for 12 months from date of purchase
    I do not take referrals from county and city, if you have a referral you must pay me yourself.

– Click here to book an appointment through “Boka Direkt” (Instant Booking)
– Or email me at pes (at)
– Or call me at +46703-143311 (if I have a customer, leave a message)
Mondays 0900-1800
Tuesdays 1100-2100
Wednesdays 0900-1800
Thursdays 1100-2100
Fridays 0900-1600
For other hours, please contact me with requests.
Cancellations must be made 24 hours before the booked time, and not canceled time will be charged.
While I do treatments I do not have the possibility to answer the phone, leave a message, text message or email and I will get back to you as soon as I can.
I am a member of Sweden’s podiatrists.